An Appeal from Lebanon – Help Save the Health System as it Nears Collapse

Monday, June 28, 2021

Over the past month, as the lira continued to devaluate and the coming end of subsidies and government funds erodes the public and private health sector, the LEBANON RELIEF PROJECT has received numerous requests for supplies and equipment to save and rebuild lives. Here at ATFL, we are providing this information to you to appeal to your generosity once again to HELP LEBANON HEAL.

Here are some of the more poignant notes we have received. The first is from a Lebanese-American doctor who has been very active in relief efforts.

Reading daily stories of worsening medical conditions in Lebanon including reports from my colleagues at the once prominent medical centers in Lebanon of routine cases that go untreated, and recourse to closing down hospital wards despite increased demand for care is simply revolting. As a nephrologist, the most recent report of dialysis shortage and resulting certain slow miserable death of about 10,000 dialysis dependent adults and children goes beyond mere revolt: this no different from any crime against humanity, and should be treated as such by the world. We physicians have taken the oath to preserve a sacred life, no matter whose it is. These few remaining specialists in Lebanon are asked to save lives with their hands
tied behind their backs.

Kidney failure death is slow, bitter, and certain, yet completely preventable. We cannot watch in silence as these crimes being committed against helpless patients who have no other recourse continues. Helping these patients is an immediate need, otherwise it’s like watching a hostage- taker eliminate his hostages one at a time.

And another cri du coeur…

Dear Expatriates…
Please keep Lebanon in your hearts and minds. Lebanon is in deep pain and suffering.

We urge the United Nations and the friends of Lebanon to remove all the selfish, corrupt politicians. And give us back a little dignity! Where are the basic human rights that you stand for in the world? Who will help us avoid the total collapse of the health center system? The list of needs is endless and we are on the brink of collapse. Can we really wait until the elections in 2022 with people starving, health professionals leaving, communities fighting each other over medicine and bread? What good are elections in 2022 with the ballot boxes surrounding by dying people and their families? Don’t you think we have suffered enough?!

Finally, here’s a detailed description of the systemic failure of health care in the country provided by an NGO working throughout the country.

I am writing this email to gently refocus and redirect your kind attention to the current situation at our beloved country Lebanon. As you all know, with your past help, we made a difference, but I want to frankly let you know that our help today, tomorrow, and for a few months thereafter coupled with sustainable support remain badly needed as much as before, if not much more.
Our on the ground situation is dire and will be more chaotic. With the constant increase of the exchange rate to the US dollar and the eventual lifting of subsidies, pharmacies and
bakeries supplying basic medications and bread will close because of hyperinflation and lack of inventory.

Healthcare, social welfare and food security are central to the foundation of any society. Our government and civil systems are failing to provide our fellow citizens with their respective minimal needs and that will lead to more chaos and, God forbid, civil obedience. Please, let us put our hands together again to continue providing medications and other necessary items to help alleviate the sufferings of these innocent men and women living within this maze run by uncaring leaders.

Thanks to the Center for Arab American Philanthropy, the Lebanon Relief Project aggregates 100% of your donation with others and provides funding to well-respected, honest, and dynamic NGOs and community organizations working to help all Lebanese throughout the country.

Donate now at this link or contact LRP at its website

If you have medical supplies, equipment, or companies that can help in this most critical hour of need, reach out at , the volunteer co-director of LRP.