Crisis of Confidence: Lebanese Reflect on Their Crisis, Institutions, and Future

November, 09 2021

ATFL webinar discussion of the results of a new Lebanese poll conducted in September by Zogby Research Services. The poll was sponsored by ATFL in collaboration with the Moise A. Khayrallah Center for Lebanese Diaspora Studies and Zogby Research Services.

The poll surveyed 869 Lebanese adults to solicit their attitudes on Lebanon's economic crises, confidence in government institutions, Lebanon's relations with other countries, the upcoming 2022 elections, and the political system at large. The respondents represent all sects and geographic regions of the country.

Speakers include ATFL President Amb. Edward Gabriel, Dr. James Zogby, Mona Yacoubian, Dr. Paul Salem, and Dr. Akram Khater moderated by ATFL's Jean AbiNader. Poll responses illustrate the perceptions and concerns of the Lebanese people living under stressful conditions of shortages of essential goods and services, massive inflation, growing insecurity, and rising sectarian tensions.

The poll results reveal some surprising new sentiments and serve as an informative tool for policymakers, NGOs, and the international community.

This event was held on November 9th, 2021.

Amb. Edward M. Gabriel (Ret.)
President, American Task Force on Lebanon
Dr. James Zogby
Managing Director, Zogby Research Services
Mona Yacoubian
MENA Senior Advisor, United States Institute of Peace
Dr. Paul Salem
President, Middle East Institute
Jean Abi Nader
Vice President of Policy, American Task Force on Lebanon
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