Monday, June 29, 2015

Ambassador Edward Gabriel brings years of leadership experience to his role at The Gabriel Company. He has an extensive background in international affairs, having convened multilateral policy forums on critical global concerns including international energy, counter-terrorism, and regional security, and has been involved in matters of Russian and European nuclear non-proliferation. During his tenure as Ambassador to the Kingdom of Morocco from 1997-2001, Ambassador Gabriel focused on trade negotiations, bilateral educational and cultural exchange programs, increased security and military cooperation, as well as the strengthening of U.S.-Moroccan commercial relations. Most importantly, Ambassador Gabriel fostered the U.S. policy of North African political and commercial integration, using...

Friday, May 1, 2015

Mr. Tanous is Chairman of Lynx Investment Advisory, LLC. Mr. Tanous has spent his entire forty-year career in the field of finance and money management. Previously, he was Executive Vice President of Bank Audi (U.S.A.) in New York City. Prior to joining Bank Audi, he was Chairman of Petra Capital Corporation, an international investment bank which he co-founded. In prior years, Mr. Tanous was First Vice President and International Regional Director with Smith Barney. During his 15 years with the firm he was also manager of its Paris office and a Director and member of the Executive Committee of Smith Barney International.

Mr. Tanous is the author of Investment Gurus, (Prentice Hall/Simon & Schuster) a widely acclaimed book that explores the careers and theories of some of the greatest mone...

Friday, May 1, 2015

Sara Ganim is a CNN correspondent based in New York, covering a wide-range of stories and investigations on television and for Her recent reporting includes the various NCAA reform efforts, including Northwestern University football players' petition to unionize and the whistle-blower whose research on athletes' literacy caused a firestorm of controversy at the University of North Carolina.



In 2012, she joined CNN from The Patriot News in Harrisburg, Pa, where she broke the story of the grand jury investigation into Jerry Sandusky, the former defensive coordinator for the storied Penn State University football program. Her reporting of Sandusky's child sex abuse scandal that enveloped the school, head coach Joe Paterno and Sandusky's Second Mile Charity garnered a Pulitzer Prize...

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Best known as the author of The Exorcist, Academy Award winner William Peter Blatty was born to two Lebanese immigrants in Brooklyn, NY. Success did not come easy to Blatty, who as a young adult worked a myriad of jobs ranging from vacuum salesman to beer truck driver. He even found himself serving in Beirut as a member of the United States Information Agency until he decided to pursue his dream of acting, which ultimately lead him to his career as an author and filmmaker. Although he considers himself semi-retired Blatty continues to write, and in 2007 the American Task Force for Lebanon honored Blatty with a Lifetime Achievement Award.


My Academy Award acceptance speech was the shortest ever in Academy history. I thanked God, the Academy and my Lebanese immigrant mother who came to Ameri...

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