On an annual basis, the ATFL awards outstanding Americans of Lebanese heritage and others who have made distinctive contributions through their achievements.


The American Task Force for Lebanon Leadership Awards

The Issam M. Fares International Leadership Award

Recognizes an individual of Lebanese heritage for exceptional achievement in business, public service and philanthropy. It is named for Issam M. Fares, the former deputy prime minister of Lebanon, successful industrialist and global philanthropist. Minister Fares served as deputy prime minister of Lebanon from 2000 to 2005. Prior to that his career spanned four decades in the Persian Gulf, where he played a key role in the infrastructure buildout of that region. Minister Fares is most recognized throughout the world for the many charitable, educational and developmental programs and projects he has supported over the past several decades.

The Joseph J. Jacobs Distinguished Achievement Award

Recognizes exceptional achievement in business. It is named for the late Dr. Joseph J. Jacobs, a founder of the American Task Force on Lebanon. Dr. Jacobs started Jacobs Engineering in 1947 as a one-man consultancy and built it into a firm that today employs 70,000 people worldwide.

The Philip C. Habib Award for Distinguished Public Service

Recognizes exceptional achievement in public service. It is named for The Honorable Philip C. Habib, who was described by The New York Times as the “outstanding professional diplomat of his generation in the United States” upon his death in 1992. In 2006, Ambassador Habib was one of six historic diplomats honored with his own postage stamp.

The Ray R. Irani Lifetime Achievement Award

Recognizes exceptional professional and personal achievement. It is named after Dr. Ray R. Irani, a founder of the American Task Force on Lebanon. During his remarkable 30-year career with Occidental Petroleum Corporation, Dr. Irani attained the positions of chairman of the board, chief executive officer, and president.

The Peter J. Tanous Founder’s Award

Recognizes exceptional achievement in the arts, culture, and/or education. It is named for Peter J. Tanous, a founder of the American Task Force on Lebanon who has dedicated much of his life in support of higher education and recognition of artists, media, movie, and TV personalities from Lebanese ancestry. Mr. Tanous served as ATFL's Founding Chairman from 1987-1990 and has continued to serve on its board of directors. Under the tradition of his leadership and guidance, ATFL has grown into a nationwide network of members that celebrate their Lebanese heritage with a deep commitment to improving the US-Lebanon relationship.


ATFL makes scholarships available annually to one student from the American University of Beirut and one student from the Lebanese American University.


The Joseph J. Jacobs scholarship is made available through the generosity of Douglas Besharov on behalf of the Mark and Carol Hyman Fund.


The Peter and Ann Tanous Scholarship is made available through the generosity of Peter and Ann Tanous.