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Beirut Crisis Reponse

The American Task Force on Lebanon is working to mobilize the Lebanese-American community and friends of Lebanon to support a number of critical projects.


Within 24 hours of the explosion in Beirut, ATFL began outreach efforts to Congress, the Administration, and humanitarian organizations to get immediate humanitarian relief to the Lebanese people including organizing airlifts of medical supplies on a people to people basis with more than 50 organizations and individuals contributing resources and expertise. 

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What ATFL is doing


On August 24, 2020, the American Task Force On Lebanon submitted a letter to the White House signed by the US Humanitarian Coalition for Lebanon. The letter requests targeted US support for the Lebanese people in the form of Food for Peace. We call on the U.S. Administration and Congress to approve a specific PL-480 program for Lebanon to alleviate the tremendous suffering among the people. 

ATFL was proud to assemble this diverse group of US-based nonprofits and NGOs to call for for increased US humanitarian assistance to Lebanon.