Lebanon Daily News Brief 01/10/2022

Monday, January 10, 2022


PM Mikati Delivers Speech at Egyptian Youth Forum, President Al-Sisi Reassures Egypt’s Support to Lebanon
In his remarks delivered at the 4th World Youth Forum organized by Egypt in Sharm El Sheikh, Prime Minister Mikati said, ‘’Beirut has been chosen this year to be the capital of Arab youth, and I take this opportunity to say that Beirut will open its doors to all young people in the Arab world to reassure you that you are in the heart of Beirut and that of Lebanon.” [MTV] Egyptian President Abd al-Fatah Al-Sisi also reassured Egypt’s, “readiness to contribute to delivering the Egyptian gas … according to the signed treaties.” He added his desire to, “facilitate the issue and speed up its implementation.” [Naharnet]

Newly Elected President for Order of Dentists
Hundreds of dentists participated in two rounds of voting concerning the selection of nine council members and the president for the Order of Dentists on Sunday’s elections. The Order’s former President Elias Maalouf, who is considered to be affiliated with Amal and Hezbollah, was unseated by Roland Younes who is considered close to the Lebanese Forces, the Free Patriotic Movement, and the newer Sabaa party. [L’Orient Today]

Sexual Predator Marwan Habib Arrested in Miami
After dozens of allegations of sexual harassment and assault were put forward against Marawn Habib in Lebanon, he was finally arrested last Thursday for an attempted sexual assault in Miami Beach, Florida when he broke into his victim’s hotel room. [MTV]



Al Jazeera
Lebanon’s Crippled Economy Hobbles Into New Year
Kareem Chehayeb

Chehayeb writes, “While measures like [last month’s dollar account] directive might temporarily assuage angry depositors whose life savings have been trapped in the country’s broken banks, experts say it is likely to make soaring inflation – which hit an annual rate of 174 percent in October – even worse. That’s because the central bank – the Banque du Liban – may print more pounds to keep up with the surge in demand. But with elections scheduled for May, experts say such Band-Aid measures are likely to prevail, as politicians attempt to curry favour with angry voters while they drag their heels on meaningful reforms that could draw a line under an economic and financial crisis that has festered for more than two years and only shows signs of deepening in 2022.”
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Economic Meltdown Revives Forgotten Occupations in Lebanon
Rabih Damaj

Damaj writes, “Mohammed Sham al-Din, a researcher at the Beirut-based Information International, told Al-Monitor, “The increase in the dollar exchange rate has led to the closure of many clothing and shoe stores across Lebanon. Not only international brands closed their doors, but also the small businesses in Beirut, Tripoli and Sidon, which had initially been importing from China and Korea for more than 15 years because their imports cost less and are cheaper than the Italian, American, French and other goods.” He noted that “more than 12,000 clothing and shoe stores have closed their doors in Lebanon, especially those that had to pay rent and salaries to employees. Some of them turned into ​online shops to reduce their expenses.” Din expected the situation to get worse, more shops to close and employees to be dismissed in 2022.”
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