Lebanon Daily News Brief 03/03/2022

Thursday, March 3, 2022


Treasury Department Delegation: Political and Economic Elites ‘Abusing’ Banking System
A US Treasury Department delegation, led by Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary Paul Ahern and Deputy Assistant Secretary for Africa and MENA Eric Meyer, was in Lebanon for a three-day visit. They released a statement highlighting their concern regarding, “abuses within the banking system by members of the political and economic elite,” as well as its, “unregulated, pseudo-financial institutions.” [Al Arabiya English]

Deputy PM: Full IMF Negotiating Team Expected in Lebanon Soon
On Wednesday, Deputy Prime Minister Saadeh Al Shami said, “A full delegation from the International Monetary Fund is expected to visit Lebanon in mid-March to finalize talks between the Lebanese government and the IMF, before the agreement can be sent to the IMF’s board.” [L’Orient Today]

Prosecution of ISF Director General on Hold
According to Naharnet, “The Higher Judicial Council failed to convene yesterday due to a dispute between Council chief Judge Suheil Abboud and his deputy, State Prosecutor Ghassan Oueidat, over putting a letter demanding the prosecution of ISF chief Maj. Gen. Omad Othman on the session’s agenda, informed sources said.” [Naharnet]

World Monuments Fund: Four Lebanese Heritage Areas Endangered
The World Monuments Fund published its biennial list of the 25 most important places of heritage that face global challenges – including the impact of tourism, terrorism, and climate change – and that require mobilization and safeguarding. The WMF identified heritage buildings distributed throughout the neighborhoods of Gemmayzeh, Mar Mkhael, Karantina, and Achrafieh. [The961]

Catholic Leaders Urge Support for the Patriarch’s Call for International Conference
Leaders of the Catholic Church from Europe, the United States, and Canada urged their governments to support the Maronite Patriarch Cardinal Bechara Boutros al-Rahi’s call for an international conference regarding Lebanon’s independence, sovereignty, and neutrality. French, German, Lithuanian, British, Canadian, and American bishops signed a statement of solidarity urging the global community to support, “good governance, honesty, transparency and accountability in the service of Lebanon’s people.” [The961]




A Lesson For The Lebanese Thawra From Algeria’s Hirak
Jean AbiNader

AbiNader writes, “The challenge is whether those opposed to the status quo can mobilize across self-imposed labels and boundaries. More from Ghebouli, “the opposition bears responsibility, whether it acknowledges it or not, for its lack of vision and inability to remain a transparent political force amid the struggles between rival clans within the Algerian system.” While clans in Algeria can be compared to sects in Lebanon, the challenge is the same: how to avoid being tarred with labels that degrade their commitment to Lebanon’s sovereignty and independence. Lebanon may seem more fortunate not be ruled by a security oligarchy, but it is not. In essence the results come out the same; a non-responsive and corrupt leadership class is just as intolerant to challengers of the status quo as a hyper responsive police state.”

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