Lebanon Daily News Brief 03/29/2022

Tuesday, March 29, 2022


PM Mikati: ‘Staying Put’ As Prime Minister To Hold On-Time Elections
Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati said that he would remain Prime Minister through the parliamentary elections scheduled for May 15th, saying, “I won’t be dragged into resigning so that it is not an excuse for obstructing parliamentary elections.” [Reuters]

Capital Control Law Rejected by Parliamentary Committees
The latest version of the capital control law was rejected by the members of the Lebanese Parliament’s Finance and Budget Committee and Administration and Law Committee in a joint meeting, and the law will no longer appear on the agenda. [L’Orient Today]

Speaker of Parliament Rejects PM’s Call for Vote of Confidence
According to Naharnet, Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri on Tuesday rejected a suggestion from Prime Minister Najib Miqati for turning an ongoing legislative session into a general discussion session that would involve a vote of confidence over the government’s policies.” [Naharnet]



Lebanon Needs International Support For Judicial Reform

Adnan Nasser

Nasser writes, “The United States is a traditional ally of Lebanon and should continue to more forcefully prioritize independence of the judiciary as a key anti-corruption reform upon which additional aid can be unlocked. Recently the Biden Administration and Congress increased aid to Lebanon’s ailing economy and security forces to help their families survive the pandemic. All of this is welcome and can help bring more stability to Lebanon in preparation for the May election. However,  future aid should be predicated on guaranteeing the safety and freedom of judges to conduct their work without intimidation. Lebanon’s failing democracy can be rescued, not simply by the power of voters, but by the confidence of its judiciary’s independence.”

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L’Orient Today
Yet Another Version Of A Long-Awaited Capital Control Law Is Before Parliament This Week, But What Are The Main Points?
Kabalan FarahFarah writes, “Prime Minister Najib Mikati announced during a speech at the Doha Forum on March 26 that an IMF Fund delegation will arrive in Lebanon on Tuesday and that he expects a deal with the fund will be signed in the next two weeks. The same day, Chami announced that last week he met with representatives of depositors, the General Confederation of Lebanese Workers, a group of economists and financial experts and representatives of the different industries and the Association of Banks in Lebanon, to discuss the economic and financial recovery plan. Ibrahim Kanaan, MP and Chair of the Finance and Budget Committee, wrote in a tweet that he rejects the new version of the capital control law, and will also reject any version that does not protect the rights of depositors and that gives unrestricted powers to a committee composed of the government and the central bank.” 

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