Lebanon Daily News Brief 04/06/2022

Wednesday, April 6, 2022


UN Ends Fuel Assistance Program
In an announcement made by UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator / Deputy Special Coordinator for Lebanon Najat Rochdi, the UN, “delivered the last drop of fuel as part of emergency fuel operations under the UN coordinated Emergency Response Plan.” [L’Orient Today]

PM: Progress Made On IMF Deal
According to Naharnet, Prime Minister Najib Mikati in a cabinet session assured that, “progress has been made within the main points of the recovery plan with the International Monetary Fund.” [Naharnet]

Armed Clashes in Tripoli, Army Arrests Three Perpetrators
Armed clashes took place in Tripoli’s Hay al-Barraniyyeh neighborhood, allegedly involving members of the Hijazi and Zahid families. Clashes also occurred in the Bab al-Tebbaneh area of Tripoli and according to L’Orient Today, took place, “between two rival families, leaving three people injured and causing material damage.” [LOrient Today]



L’Orient Today
A Plethora Of Lists Divides The Opposition
Jeanine Jaklh

Jaklh writes, “With the exception of one constituency, South III, where the movements stemming from the Oct. 17 uprising managed to form a unified list, the rest of the landscape is rather disappointing. Almost everywhere, fragmentation is the order of the day. It is caused by the appetite for power, the warfare of egos and, to a much lesser extent, differences in ideals, which has dashed the hopes of all those who had bet on a solid front to confront the political establishment that these groups promised to decimate. ‘They were almost all in agreement on the slogan ‘eliminate outgoing government,’ but apart from this convergence on the need to renew the political class, there is not necessarily the same vision of the Lebanon of tomorrow,’ Karim Bitar, a political scientist, said.”

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