Lebanon Daily News Brief 05/04/2022

Wednesday, May 4, 2022




Minister of Interior Confirms ‘All Preparations’ Completed Ahead of Elections
According to Minister of Interior and Municipalities Bassam Mawlawi, “The legislative elections will take place for sure. All the preparations have been completed. The security forces are fully ready and will not hesitate to play their role.” [L’Orient Today]

Some Expat Voting Begins Friday, Sunday Polling to Follow for Others
As reported in Arab News, “Expats will vote in 59 countries, but just 10 nations will commence the first phase of voting on Friday. The expats in these countries, which include Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Syria and Iraq, have a Friday weekend . . . The second phase of voting takes place on May 8 in countries that have a Sunday weekend.” [Arab News]


Arab News 
Can Lebanon’s Watershed Elections Usher In Much-Needed Change?

Osama Al-Sharif

Al-Sharif writes, “the outcome of the elections will not go far in putting Lebanon back on the road of painful recovery. It will take months for a new government to form and Hezbollah is likely to have its blocking third with veto power. That will not help Lebanon get its hands on a $3 billion rescue package from the International Monetary Fund, which has asked for key economic reforms to be adopted as a condition. Moreover, if the traditional political elite continue to hold the reins of power, there will be little hope they will adopt the structural reforms that could come at their expense. While a majority of observers believe the elections will change little and that Iran stands to emerge as the winner once again, there are those who see the expatriate vote and the fact that many of the 1,043 candidates, including 155 women, are young and independent as a game changer.”

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