Lebanon Daily News Brief 05/12/21

Wednesday, May 12, 2021


EU is Preparing Sanctions on Lebanese Leaders
The EU is preparing sanctions against Lebanese political leaders who are seen as blocking government formation. This would be the first round of sanctions the EU has placed on Lebanon. EU officials are currently working on the criteria for who will be designated. Many Lebanese leaders have homes and bank accounts in the EU. [Reuters]

Seven Lebanese Sanctioned by the United States
Yesterday the US imposed sanctions on seven Lebanese who are linked to Hezbollah. The US Treasury Department called six of the seven Hezbollah’s “shadow bankers” who have transferred about $500 million for the group over the past decade.The seventh person sanctioned is Ibrahim Daher, who is a chief financial executive for Hezbollah. [Associated Press]

Solidarity March Through Beirut for Sheikh Jarrah Residents
On Tuesday Lebanese and Palestinians marched through Beirut in a demonstration showing solidarity with Palestinians in Sheikh Jarrah. The protesters started at the Mar Elias refugee camp and marched on to Chatila refugee camp. Activists hope that in addition to showing solidarity with Palestinians in East Jerusalem, their efforts will also raise awareness for Palestinian refugees in Lebanon. [Middle East Eye]

Conversation with Henri Chaoul
Former government advisor Henri Chaoul spoke with CNBC about the Lebanese government’s mismanagement. Chaoul advised the government last year during its talks with the IMF. [CNBC]


Legal Limbo: Who is a Refugee in Lebanon?
Dima Mahdi
The Lebanese Center for Policy Studies

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