Lebanon Daily News Brief 11/16/2021

Tuesday, November 16, 2021


Turkish Foreign Minister Calls for Diplomatic Resolution Between Lebanon and Gulf Countries
Turkish Foreign Minister Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu is in Beirut meeting with top Lebanese officials in effort to show support to the Miqati government and extend in invite to the prime minister to meet with President Recep Erdogan. [Naharnet] Today Cavusoglu told reporters that Turkey is saddened by the crisis between Lebanon and Gulf countries. He urged the resumption of mutual respect and diplomatic dialogue, adding that Turkey is ready to help. [Reuters]

Egypt to Export Gas to Lebanon by Early Next Year
Today on the sidelines of an oil and gas conference in Abu Dhabi Egyptian Petroleum. Minister Tarek El Molla announced that the country is expected to begin exporting 60-65 million cubic feet of gas per day to Lebanon by early next year. He added that it might even happen by the end of the year, following a review of the pipelines. [Al Arabiya]

Wildfires on Mount Lebanon Extinguished
For the past three days wildfires have spread across Mount Lebanon. The flames have been put out after firefighters and local residents worked to extinguish the fire all weekend. Lebanon’s Economic Minister Nasser Yassin said the fires were an intentional act and that the Interior Minister is working to find who is responsible. Many Lebanese have been frustrated with the government’s inability to respond to increasing wildfires in Lebanon. [The National]


Eurasia Review
Lebanon is Falling Apart
Neville Teller

Teller writes, “The ruling cliques, dominated by Iran-supported Hezbollah and its allies, are mired in venality, corruption and self-interest…If disaster is to be averted, Lebanon has to find a way to throw off the chains that shackle it to the proxy of a foreign power. The vital question is, can it rid itself of the oppressive dominance of Hezbollah and achieve a corruption-free, democratic future without descending into a new civil war?”

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