Lebanon Daily News Brief 8/27/2021

Friday, August 27, 2021


General Security Head Warns of Great Collapse
Yesterday in a message to the General Security staff, Major-General Abbas Ibrahim warned that Lebanon’s state institutions are being undermined by a “great collapse.” While acknowledging the effect the crisis has had on General Security personnel, he encouraged staff to remain steadfast and to protect their country and their people. [Al Jazeera]

Miqati and Aoun to Meet Again After Yesterday’s Negative Talks
Yesterday, Prime Minister-designate Miqati was expected to give his final cabinet lineup to President Michel Aoun. Reports from Baabda are saying that meeting did not go well and was overall described as negative. The two leaders are expected to meet again today. [Naharnet]

Parliament Says Bitar Cannot Issue Diab a Subpoena
Yesterday, head of the domestic Beirut blast investigation Judge Tarek Bitar issued a subpoena for caretaker Prime Minister Hassan Diab after he failed to show up for questioning. [Reuters] Today, Lebanon’s parliament told the judge that issuing a subpoena to the caretaker prime minister is outside of his powers. Bitar originally issued a request to question Diab in July along side other top officials. No senior officials have yet been brought to account for last year’s blast. [Reuters]


Do You Believe in Miracles? Lebanon Needs a Basketful
Jean AbiNader

AbiNader writes, “Pray for a miracle, of course. Or a basketful, starting with increasing bank liquidity without greater inflation. Instituting cash cards would enable more Lebanese to purchase basic goods. Ending the current subsidies regime would remove pricing distortions. Repairing the loss of morale and living standards of the LAF and ISF troops along with their recommitment to protecting civil and human rights. Steps should be taken to curb corruption and recapture funds illegally transferred out of the country. Political reforms are also needed to diminish the power of the ruling elites, while banking reforms should be aimed at consolidation and transparency. Not to mention free and fair elections in 2022. These would make a great start.”

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