Lebanon Daily News Brief 9/22/2021

Wednesday, September 22, 2021


Fuel Prices Raised 16 Percent
Today Lebanon raised the price of fuel by 16 percent, the second time in five days that it has raised prices. The government is gradually lifting fuel subsidies, a priority noted in the new government’s policy statement, until they are completely removed. Lebanese are now paying about ten times more for fuel compared to pre-crisis rates. [AP]

US 5th Fleet Begins Inaugural Central Partnership Station Exercise in Lebanon
For the first time the US 5th Fleet is conducting a Central Partnership Station exercise in Lebanon. The exercise aims to combine “partner-building military training” with humanitarian work in US Central Command. The Lebanese Armed Forces will be trained to conduct missions like mine countermeasures, naval construction, and disaster-related public health activities. Essential goods like baby formula will also be delivered to Lebanon. [DefenseNews]

Miqati to Meet with Macron on Friday
After Monday’s vote of confidence for the new government under Prime Minister Najib Miqati, the PM will meet with French President Emmanuel Macron in Paris this Friday. The two leaders are said to discuss resolutions from the CEDRE Conference and the possibility of granting three to four billion dollars to Lebanon from CEDRE donations. Macron is reportedly seeking to give French companies priority in the reconstruction of Beirut’s Port and electricity sector. [Naharnet]


Voices of Healing: From a Small Seed to an International Mission
Jean AbiNader

AbiNader describes the efforts of a Lebanese architect, Terry Bitar, and her work through the Charity Donation Foundation: “Bitar believes that civil society is the most resilient part of Lebanon, and Charity Donation Foundation’s consistent and ongoing weekly campaigns spread a message of hope and showcase the strength, resilience, and resolve of all Lebanese communities helping each other, side by side, to overcome all problems while carving new pathways for a brand new Lebanon. The Foundation has a vision for Lebanon in which the leadership works on behalf of the people, lacking sectarianism, serving a society that is civically engaged and ready to help, serve, and build together.”

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Real Clear World
We Need to Save Lebanon
Bill Cassidy and Marc Malek

Cassidy and Malek write, “The United States and the West cannot continue to neglect this imminent crisis. As we’ve seen time and time again in Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, and elsewhere, state failure causes disastrous ripple effects. Failed states lead to displacement and can morph into bases for terrorists to launch attacks on the West. Lebanon is particularly dangerous in both of these respects. The last thing the world needs is another failed state.”

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