Lebanon Daily News Brief 9/3/2021

Friday, September 3, 2021


First Shipment of Iranian Fuel to Be Delivered Through Syria
The first shipment of Iranian fuel announced by Hezbollah’s Hassan Nasrallah two weeks ago will be received by Syria and delivered to Lebanon by truck, sources say. The purpose of this is to avoid sanction complications and to avoid implicating allies in Lebanon, they added. A local newspaper confirmed the vessel had entered Syrian waters but Tanker Trackers has yet to confirm this report. [Reuters]

Lebanese Delegation to Go to Damascus Tomorrow
In what is the first official diplomatic visit in ten years, a Lebanese delegation is scheduled to visit Syria tomorrow. The officials will go to Damascus to discuss plans to import gas from Jordan through Syrian territory. Finance Minister Ghazi Wasni, Energy Minister Raymond Ghajar, and General Security head Major General Abbas Ibrahim will join the delegation. [Al Arabiya]

Maj. Gen. Ibrahim to Resume Mediation Efforts in Government Talks
As Prime Minister-designate Najib Miqati’s deadline that he set form himself to form a government passes, he says that for now, resigning is out of the question. [Al Arabiya] After yesterday’s meeting between Miqati and President Michel Aoun showed negative signs, Major General Abbas Ibrahim will resume his role as mediator today. [Naharnet]

EU Delegation to Visit Lebanon Tomorrow
Tomorrow a delegation from the European Union will arrive in Lebanon for a four-day visit. The visit is mean to urge Lebanon’s political leaders to put aside self interests and form a new government. One delegation member said, “we ask the Lebanese authorities to help us help Lebanon, to help Lebanon’s people.” [The Daily Star]


UNIFIL Mandate Renewed With LAF Support Provision
Jean AbiNader

AbiNader writes, “The first defense of UNIFIL’s role is its relationship with the LAF which has endured for 15 years and raised the LAF’s profile as the most respected government institution in the country. A key element in this has been the regular tripartite meetings among the IDF and LAF, mediated by the UNIFIL, which have been a stabilizing factor in the region as the only forum between Lebanese and Israeli representatives. The UNSC encouraged the parties to expand these meetings in order to ‘resolve the conflict and build confidence.'”

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