ATFL proactively reaches out to the policy making community in Washington, DC and
elsewhere to provide insights and educational information. on the US-Lebanon
relationship and why supporting Lebanon is in US interests based on our shared values
and concerns.


  • Meetings with members of Congress and the Administration
  • Coordinating delegations to Lebanon of members and staff of Congress
  • Briefings for staff and members of Congress, key policy makers, and senior leadership of international organizations
  • Meetings with key individuals who impact the US-Lebanon relationship
  • Contacting members of the policy community outside of government
  • Maintaining strong ties with think tanks that provide perspectives on the
  • US-Lebanon relation and the broader region
  • Cooperating with media and social media platforms on disseminating information of the value of the US-Lebanon relationship
  • Publishing position papers and issuing statements on current events
  • Highlighting important news in This Week in Lebanon
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