ATFL Statement on Lebanon’s New Government

Friday, September 10, 2021

Washington, DC, September 10, 2021 (ATFL) – The American Task Force on Lebanon (ATFL), a leadership organization of Americans of Lebanese heritage, congratulates Prime Minister Nijab Miqati on the formation of a new government. His challenge will be great with a country that is facing multiple economic crises and critical resource shortages. ATFL will work closely with US policymakers to ensure a strong response in support of the new government that commits itself to addressing the needs of the Lebanese people.

The Miqati government must get to work immediately to slow Lebanon’s economic collapse by negotiating with the International Monetary Fund and implementing overdue economic reforms that will unlock international financial assistance for the Lebanese people. Stabilizing the lira and addressing the fuel, food, and medicine shortages are at the top of the priority list. Further, and crucial to Lebanon’s success, the government must begin preparations to hold free and fair elections as scheduled in May.

In a statement, ATFL President Ambassador Ed Gabriel said, “Now is the time for the Lebanese people to come together to ensure they have a seat at the table and that the new government acts in their interests. And it’s important for the new government to ensure that the voices of all Lebanese are heard. The Miqati government should initiate meetings with the IMF quickly to enact policies that have the widest effect on improving the lives of the greatest number of people in Lebanon. It must also ensure that there is an election process in the coming year that is transparently implemented in line with international standards.”

The American Task Force on Lebanon is 501(C)3 nonprofit organization of prominent Americans of Lebanese heritage, who educate for the strengthening of the historic U.S.-Lebanon relationship. The mission and objectives of ATFL shall always be in the best interest of the United States and will promote the national unity, independence, and prosperity of a democratic and multi-sectarian Lebanon.