ATFL Statement on Resignation of Prime Minister Designate Mustapha Adib

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

ATFL Regrets Gridlock in Formation of Government in Lebanon

Washington, DC, September 29, 2020 (ATFL) – The American Task Force on Lebanon (ATFL), a leadership organization of Americans of Lebanese ancestry, regards the resignation of prime minister designate Mustapha Adib, the third to leave that office in eight months, as a clear indication of paralysis among various sectarian groups. The failure of the government leaders to address the many conditions that have brought the country to the brink of becoming a failed state is unacceptable to the people of Lebanon and the international community.

From the financial collapse and the exposure of massive government mismanagement to the recent destruction of Beirut port and other incidents of explosions and fires, Lebanon’s leaders have disregarded the will of the Lebanese people to put national interests before personal and sectarian benefits.

The current US and international policy is to pressure leaders inside Lebanon and their enablers in the region to bring about real movement towards stability and reform in the country. While these are important objectives, obtaining them should not come at the expense of the Lebanese people who need immediate humanitarian assistance and international partners as they build Lebanon’s civil society, address the needs of their fellow citizens, and develop opportunities for future leaders. Only through direct pressure and simultaneous support of the Lebanese people will the humanitarian, economic, and political crises be brought under control by a responsible and responsive government.

A credible transition from the present paralysis to honest, responsible, and inclusive leadership is critical for Lebanon’s survival.

The American Task Force on Lebanon is 501(C)3 nonprofit organization of prominent Americans of Lebanese heritage, who educate for the strengthening of the historic U.S.-Lebanon relationship. The mission and objectives of ATFL shall always be in the best interest of the United States and will promote the national unity, independence, and prosperity of a democratic and multi-sectarian Lebanon.