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February 19, 2019: ATFL Mourns The Death Of Representative John Dingell

February 10, 2019

Dear ATFL Board,

The American Task Force for Lebanon mourns the loss of Rep. John Dingell, one of the longest-serving members of Congress. Rep. Dingell was a strong advocate for the Arab-American community and worked tirelessly on behalf of his constituents.

His efforts in Congress were key to lifting the ban on travel to Lebanon that was in place for 10 years during late 1980s-1990s, and he recognized the importance of a strong US-Lebanon bilateral relationship to security and stability in the region.

ATFL was proud to honor Rep. Dingell in 2003 with the Philip C. Habib Award for Distinguished Public Service in recognition of his years of service to the Lebanese-American community and to the United States. ATFL offers our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Rep. John Dingell. We mourn the loss of such a great friend to the Lebanese-American community and honor his service to his country and constituents.

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