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January 23, 2020: ATFL Statement on Lebanon's Newly Formed Government 

January 23, 2020

Washington, DC, January 23, 2020 (ATFL) – On Tuesday, January 21, Hassan Diab, Lebanon’s prime minister designate, announced the formation of a new cabinet, which still must be confirmed by the Parliament. 

ATFL reiterates its belief that any new Government must act immediately and transparently to implement fiscal, economic, political, and social reforms that reflect the needs of the Lebanese people and their desire for an inclusive, non-sectarian, and credible government.

ATFL also believes that the US should continue its strong support for the Lebanese Armed Forces and Internal Security Forces in their capacity as the sole legitimate military entities in the country.

The ATFL will continue to work with the US government to ensure US support for the need for economic and political reforms built on transparent, proactive, and effective governance. 

Equally important, we call on the Lebanese government, and especially the Lebanese Armed Forces and security services, to protect the rights of the citizens and ensure that they can express themselves without fear of reprisal. Recent protests and reactions by the security forces demonstrate the dangers of a cycle of increasing violence.

Furthermore, the impoverishment of many people in Lebanon, now over a third of which are living in poverty, is a crisis that calls for immediate action. ATFL calls on international aid agencies to prioritize programs that provide emergency food, medicine, and other vital supplies to the Lebanese people.

ATFL remains committed to ensuring that Lebanon’s relationship with the US remains a priority and that the US remains an active partner in safeguarding and enhancing the lives of the Lebanese people.

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