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July 12, 2021: ATFL Staffs Up For The Future Challenges

July 12, 2021

Washington, DC, July 12, 2021 (ATFL) - The American Task Force on Lebanon, a 501c3 nonprofit educational organization comprised of Americans of Lebanese heritage, announced today its new growth strategy. As it joins with other partners in advancing a strong US-Lebanon bilateral relationship to address the critical needs of Lebanon, ATFL has become an indispensable part of an ever increasing need to communicate with Washington.  

The crisis in Lebanon has been referred to by the World Bank as possibly one of the three worst crises worldwide since the mid-19th century. It is faced with unprecedented challenges to stabilize its financial and economic sectors, confront a political void caused by a deadlocked government, and mitigate an increasingly high rate of extreme poverty. In response, the ATFL is redoubling its efforts to educate key policymakers on the importance of prioritizing the US-Lebanon bilateral relationship, standing firm against corruption in all sectors of the economy and political life, the need for addressing the humanitarian crisis among the Lebanese people, and the importance of maintaining a strong Lebanese Armed Forces.  

“ATFL has been a trusted voice for more than thirty years with US policymakers. As the US confronts its many diverse but connected interests in the Middle East, and one of the worst crises in Lebanon’s history, ATFL will be prepared to ensure that Lebanon is not forgotten in this myriad of issues,” remarked Ambassador Ed Gabriel, President and CEO of ATFL.

ATFL is staffing up with new positions in the fields of communications, social media, virtual production, and policy analysis. Parties interested in finding out more about opportunities at ATFL should inquire at www.ATFL.org

“As Lebanon enters one of the most devastating eras in its history, now is the time for ATFL to double down on its efforts to educate America’s policymakers on the consequences to US interests of a weakened or failed Lebanon on the eastern Mediterranean border,” said former Secretary and Senator Spence Abraham, Chairman of ATFL.  “In this regard, we believe these changes will enhance ATFL’s mission in supporting a strong US-Lebanon bilateral relationship.” 

For more information, please visit us at www.ATFL.org

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