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July 28, 2021: Statement on Designation of New Prime Minister

July 28, 2021

Washington, DC, July 28, 2021 (ATFL) - Prime Minister-designate Nijab Mikati was confirmed by the Lebanese Parliament on July 26, securing 72 out of a possible 118 votes. He has the enormous task of not only forming a new government quickly but must deal with Lebanon’s humanitarian crisis, failure of the banking system, worsening economy, and governing malfeasance. The elections in spring 2022 are an essential element in moving ahead, but the current desperation of the Lebanese people must be dealt with immediately through transparent and responsible actions supported by all parties in the country.
We welcome Prime Minister-designate Mikati’s remarks to move Lebanon's recovery forward as quickly as possible. In the past he has displayed an ability to bridge political divides and understands the critical necessity of making the Lebanese people the country's priority. The Prime Minister-designate will need to immediately show his support for all citizens in Lebanon, regardless of religious or political affiliation, enter into formal IMF negotiations, and prioritize the humanitarian needs of the country.

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