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June 8, 2020: ATFL Statement on the June 6 Demonstrations in Lebanon

June 08, 2020

Washington, DC, June 8, 2020 (ATFL) – The American Task Force for Lebanon (ATFL), a leadership organization of Americans of Lebanese ancestry working to promote strong ties between the US and Lebanon, are deeply concerned with  events surrounding the demonstrations in Lebanon on June 6.
The ATFL strongly supports the rights of the Lebanese people to demonstrate peacefully to achieve their goals for political, economic, and social reforms to allow them to live in dignity in an inclusive and equitable society.
The ATFL regrets that injuries were sustained by some of the demonstrators, condemns the violence that took place between small groups of demonstrators, and the unnecessary damage done to public and private property which distracts from the core messages of the demonstrators.
The ATFL further condemns the violence that took place between some demonstrators and the Army which resulted in several casualties of the LAF, one seriously. The ATFL continues to support the LAF as the only legitimate military force in the country and will maintain its efforts to promote the very strong ties between the LAF and the US government, and their mission to protect the citizens of Lebanon.

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