Lebanese Red Cross Report

Overview: In 2007, our fleet was composed of 241 ambulances. 161of them are more than 7 years old, some are 20 years old. The majority of these ambulances are in a bad condition. Problems of mechanical breakdowns take place very often while responding to emergency calls, and maintenance costs are increasing significantly as the fleet gets older.


Division for Public Administration and Development Management (DPADM)

Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA)

United Nations

October 2004


Lebanese Ministry of Finance 2009 Country Profile

Overview: The Republic is situated in the Levant on the eastern most part of the Mediterranean Sea. The Republic’s Mediterranean shoreline extends 192 kilometers from north to south; its greatest width from west to east is 85 kilometers...


Congressional Research Services Country Report on Lebanon

Overview: Lebanon: Report on Performance Under the Program Supported by Emergency Post-Conflict Assistance This report on Lebanon’s performance under the program supported by emergency post-conflict assistance was circulated to the Executive Directors of the IMF for their information...


IMF Country Report on Performance Under Post-Conflict Assistance

Overview: The United States and Lebanon continue to enjoy good relations. Prominentcurrent issues between the United States and Lebanon include progress toward Lebanon-Israel peace treaty, U.S. aid to Lebanon, and Lebanon’s capacity to stop Hezbollah militia attacks on Israel...


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