ATFL mourns the passing of one of its founders, David Sadd.

David Sadd, former Executive Director of the National Association of Arab Americans (NAAA) from 1980-1988, was a tireless advocate of Arab American causes. He was a graduate of the US Naval Academy, George Washington University, and worked in the field of financial services and investment.

At NAAA, he was responsible for leading the organization in building strong relations with the US Administration and Congress, Arab governments and companies, and the larger Arab American community. In 1988, while at NAAA, David invited Peter J. Tanous and others at NAAA to set up the American Task Force for Lebanon (ATFL) to ensure that it the bilateral relationship would be supported. David shepherded the ATFL until he left NAAA in 1990 and then joined other founding members to establish the ATFL as a separate organization under the leadership of Peter J. Tanous to focus solely on the US-Lebanon relationship. Peter Tanous said, “David's role in the founding of ATFL cannot be overstated. His advice and counsel in our early days was invaluable”. David continued to serve on ATFL’s board until his death.

David was a husband, a father, a brother, friend, colleague and mentor to many. Serving the Arab American community was a labor of love for him. His cause was always to serve the Arab community, promote US-Lebanon ties, and always put his family and friends ahead of all else. In addition to his siblings, he is survived by his wife Carol and four children, David, Jonathan, Theresa and Corey.

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